For women of all ages
Our in-person study has concluded, please watch recordings below or check out our podcast, "Morning Break Bible Study".

We will resume Bible Study in January.

The Beatitudes ~ Characteristics of God’s Kingdom

   Join us on this 8-week journey as we learn from the Beatitudes what it means to be a part of God’s Kingdom.  Jesus used the eight short statements in Matthew 3:5-12 to teach his followers the characteristics he was seeking in their lives, and to offer encouragement as they lived in a world with values that were much different from those of the Kingdom of God.

We need these verses for our own lives today.  Our world is facing troubling times which have affected us all. We will learn from Jesus’ teaching what it truly means to be blessed, and to know the peace that passes all understanding during our own trying times.


Week Eight - 11/3

Week Seven - 10/27

Week Four - 10/6

Week Five - 10/13

Week Six - 10/20

Week One -9/15

Week Two -9/22

Week Three - 9/29

Calendar Subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions