General Facility Usage Request Form

All regular MCCand MCC-sponsored activities shall have priority in scheduling the use of the facility.Facility fees will be charged in accordance with the category of the group/individual making the request. Fees may be adjusted/waived at the discretion of the Facility Usage Coordinator, Executive Pastor,or Council.

It is understood that

  • The designated adult MCChost is required to be present on site during the entire event/activity.
  • Neither MCCnor its staff/volunteers are liable for injuries incurred during the use of the facility, nor are they responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • The adult host assumes responsibility for the care of the facility. If any damages are incurred, the leader/host/organization will be held financially responsible to compensate MCC.
  • If the facility is used for a rummage sale, all items that were not sold must be removed from the facility before the host may leave.
  • If liability insurance is required, please attach documentation to this form.
  • For Friday or Saturday events using the MMC that the host will make arrangements to have the chairs set up for Sunday Services.
  • The adult host assumes responsibility for supervising children during the event.
  • The adult host has read and agrees to abide by the Facility Usage Policy of Mission Covenant Church.
Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit
Fellowship Hall$20.00
Classrooms$20.00 each
Serving Kitchen$100.00
Food Service Kitchen$100.00
Miscellaneous Services
Sound Tech$20.00 per hour
Kitchen Supervisor$20.00 per hour

Custodial Services

For Sunday–Friday daytime events/activities, no custodial fees will be assessed if the group/individual assists with clean up after the event/activity.

For Friday evening and Saturday events/activities, if custodial services are required to ensure the facility is clean and ready for the weekend worship services, the custodial fee is a minimum of $70 for up to two hours.

If additional cleaning is required, the fee is $20 per hour. These amounts will be deducted from the Refundable Damage Deposit.

You may either fill out the form below or download the General Facility Usage Request Form

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  • Kitchen Requirements

    *If a kitchen will be used for cooking or food preparation, a Serve Safe Certified Kitchen Supervisor must be present. *If using a kitchen, a Serve Safe Certified Kitchen Supervisor or Host needs to be on site. *If help is needed to find a Serve Safe Certified Kitchen Supervisor, please call the MCCoffice, 715-364-2738. *If food is being served that has been prepared off-site a Serve Safe Certified Kitchen Supervisor does not need to be appointed from Mission Covenant Church.
  • If using a kitchen, which Serve Safe Certified Kitchen Supervisor or Host will be on site?
  • Name of Person with Key responsible to open facility for event
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