Our Mission

A 'sender' is anyone who helps a missionary on his or her way 'so that they are lacking in nothing'
(Titus 3:13; 3 John 1-8.)

The aim of 'senders' is to be of substantial help to the missionary during his or her time of preparation, ministry on the field and on home ministry assignment. Mission Covenant Church believes that missions should be a critical element of our ministry. We are missionaries to our neighborhood and our world. Below, you will find a list of things you can do to support our folks who have given of themselves so freely.

Mission Covenant Missionaries
Prayer Tools: Covenant Prayer Calendar, Missionary Prayer Letters, Operation World

Doesn't have to be lengthy
Write with no expectation of response
Missionaries want mail (both e-mail and handwritten letters.)
They need to know that people are praying for them.

At Mission Covenant, the first Sunday of the month and Easter Sunday offerings go into the Missions budget (unless otherwise designated), which goes to ministry beyond Mission Covenant.
Respond to crisis in need

Read missionary prayer letters
Come hear our missionaries speak
Attend our mission conferences
Invite missionaries to your small group, Sunday School, class or home

Serve The Cause
Provide services (child care, cooking, medical/dental, sewing, graphic design, use of car/cabin, etc.)
Join a missionary support team