Prayer Chain

We at Mission Covenant Church offer a ministry to our congregation called "Prayer Chain". The purpose of this ministry is to provide a means for those with an immediate or pressing concern to engage fellow Christians in corporate prayer for the issue. This is a group of people devoted to pray for the concerns of the church body and to give praise to the Lord for answered prayers.

The concern or praise is called in to a coordinator.  When the coordinator receives a prayer request an email is sent to all who are on the "email prayer chain."

Please understand this is not a means of spreading information around the communities; it is specifically for prayer and those who participate are asked to respect the confidentiality and the message content. Also we ask that you have the permission of the person or persons you intend to put on the prayer chain.

We invite and encourage you to use this ministry as needed and to volunteer to be part of the "email prayer chain".

(please keep as brief as possible and follow guidelines)
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If you would like to have your name added to the Prayer Chain, please fill out the form below.
Remember, the Prayer  Chain is for our MCC  active members or attenders only.
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